India today is one of the world's fastest growing economies - a country that has experienced tremendous growth in the last two decades. With the nation opening its markets to the world, India is a destination of choice of some of the most reputed names in global business across domains. While this has offered tremendous opportunities to Indian professionals, they also have to compete with the best of talent from across the globe in highly competitive environments.This underscores the need to create a new breed of professionals empowered with educationthat's global in terms of content and delivery.

About us

Global Alliance World Educational Consortium is promoted by professionals with rich and diverse experience in global domains. The company aims to bring education through affiliations and collaborations with reputed accrediting councils from across the world to offer international curriculums from pre-school to college and university level towards creating Indian global citizens. We strongly believe that the education space in India is poised for takeoff and that professionals from India will play an increasingly important role at a global level in the years to come. We are committed to empowering students across the region to achieve their career ambitions in such a challenging and exciting environment.

Our vision

To make a positive and lasting impact as a corporation committed to offering global education in India by imparting international curriculums to students from preschools to post-graduation in various institutions across India.

Our Mission

To enable India's students to pursue highly competitive global careers and become world citizens through international academic curriculums imparted through affiliations and collaborations from across the globe.


Core Value

Global Alliance is driven by strong core values that set the tone, shape, and vision for programmes that will enable Indian schools andstudents to reach their goals of being globally recognized brands and citizens, sought after for their expertise, skills and character.

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