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Core Value

Global Alliance is driven by strong core values that set the tone, shape, and vision for programmes that will enable Indian schools andstudents to reach their goals of being globally recognized brands and citizens, sought after for their expertise, skills and character. We realize:
   India needs globally-relevant skills and international curriculums are crucial to providing students with these skills.
   Global Alliance will pursue an integrated education model that reinforces an individual's physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects to create a complete global citizen.
   Global Alliance will impart proactive learning and ensure student participation in meaningful projects to give them a deep understanding of both local and global communities.
   The company is committed to creating a diverse community that provides an extraordinary opportunity to enable students to communicate, create, and collaborate with others from across the world in order to build a peaceful future.
   The company is committed to training and equipping teachers as quality mentors who will deliver excellence in education.

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