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Student Retreat Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) - Equip, Experience, Evolve

Global Alliance has developed our proprietary Student Retreat Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) and the 3E Delivery Model (3EDM), a well-thought out concept to ensure students take a step-by-step approach to achieve success. We offer students a short duration glimpse of this programme to help them perceive the value and the benefits accrued. The duration of the package ranges from 5 nights/6 days to 8 nights/9 days, depending on training, university visits, factory/ corporate engagements and other cultural experiences in those geographies.

By supplementing classroom experiences with co-curricular opportunities, we envision creating well-grounded leaders of GLOBAL ALLIANCE students – equipped to take on challenging assignments in competitive global business environments. LEAD builds upon the principles of Learning By Doing through the following:

Leadership Education and Involvement

What does it mean to be a leader? There are over a dozen GLOBAL ALLIANCE oriented clubs and organizations in which students can get involved. Click here for a list or graduate clubs or here for undergraduate clubs.

Throughout the academic year, GLOBAL ALLIANCE hosts workshops and training programmes for club leaders to demonstrate and offer access to resources available on the campus.

Service Learning

Service learning is more than just volunteering. It is combining learning experiences of the classroom with a 'giving-back-to-the-community' approach which is a valuable trait for a leader. Working with the 'Center for Community Engagement' and Service here on campus to learn about opportunities we have in DC and participating in the 'Making a Difference' program or in a service learning course like Washington Initiative are ways that you can give back to our community.

Case Competitions, Conferences, and Other Personal/ Professional Development Opportunities

Students can enrich themselves from several activities and Student Leadership Retreat is one such important event - an annually held, action-packed one day leadership programme that focuses on problem-solving activities and a physically challenging routines that emphasise on interdependency and teamwork.


Finding that knowledgeable someone to give you career/ personal advice and mentoring to help you discover your potential is a crucial part of the journey towards becoming a strong leader. We have in place a robust mentoring programme where you could establish a relationship with a professor, staff member or someone in your professional area of interest and engage with them to enhance your leadership skills.


Effective leaders are not necessarily those at the helm of organizations. Leadership can be demonstrated at various levels and and one of them could be by getting involved in groups that are professionally / personally interesting to you. We have several clubs for students and there are over 200 ways to get involved with activities on campus. This provides you with excellent opportunities to engage, ideate, and get involved in decision making activities – a key trait of an emerging leader.


Respecting and being accommodative to diverse perspectives, people, cultures and beliefs is integral to the success of any strong leader. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion on campus offers many workshops to build cross-cultural competencies. Leadership education, service learning, mentorship or involvement does increase your awareness and understanding of traditionally under-represented groups. Attending these workshops also earns you a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate.

These programmes are conducted in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Middle East and other world locations. We provide a point-to-point service to students covering their air tickets, visa arrangements, insurance, pickup and drop off services at the airport, boarding and lodging, education and entertainment. The Student RetreatLeadership Education and Development (LEAD) 3EDM programme is customized to address an institution's specific expectations from their prospective students.

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