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Music and Dance

Being gifted is just the beginning and getting successful in creative arts is several folds tougher than in other streams. The Global Academy for Music and Dance aims to harness the talents of emerging artistes in music and dance enabling them to evolve as established professionals.The effort involves nurturing their talent, working on their nuances, helping them promote themselves in appropriate media and creating a professional network internationally. We envisage forming a global footprint by creating campuses across the globe enabling students to leverage the global advantage. We aim to:

   Produce exceptionally capable musicians and dancers experienced in the workings of the creative/ entertainment industry.
   Familiarize students with regular performances, concerts and recitals from the very beginning which enables them to
  be better performers.
   Improve a student's interpersonal and networking skills by incorporating industry-experience in innovative ways.
   Create a wider network for students by forming alliances and collaborating with institutions from across the world.
   Establish performance spaces and public venues across the country and beyond, providing a larger platform for our
   Offer creative opportunities for funding and employment making education of international standards more accessible.
   Provide sustained support that goes way beyond the classroom to follow them through their careers.

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