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Choosing a preschool for your child is as important as deciding on a job, choosing a new home or a child specialist. The decision involves several calls, meetings, references, interviews because you wish for the very best for your child. You wish for your child to spend his/her time learning in a safe, fun environment with trained, talented teachers, those who build a rapport with tiny tots through love, patience, trust and friendship.

What your child needs is an early MBA programme! Yes, a programme where he/she MASTERS important early years' skills: BEGINS to explore the early childhood skills: ACQUIRES skills for future global education.

At Global Alliance, we lay emphasis on a learning process that helps sharpen comprehension and helps a child gain confidence. We impart life-skills and practices that encourage proactive learning, equipping individuals to cope up with change. Preschool years are when children love to explore - touch, smell, hear and taste things as they learn. They are physically active and inquisitive and those adjusted with their peers learn more. Our methodology ensures education happens as they play.

As Early Education experts with proven skills and experience, weare committed to givingchildren a start that prepares them for a great lifetime ahead.Commitment + Experience = Trust.


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