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Yoga and Meditation

The benefits of Yoga and Meditation have been proven universally. We at Global Alliance promote this time-tested practice in schools and colleges to ensure discipline and good health. Yoga is a science applicable to all age groups and inculcating this habit from a very young age is perhaps the ideal way to achieve balance in the mind-body-soul realm.

Benefits of Yoga for children

The following are just some of the recognized benefits of yoga for children (and adults):


  Assists neuromuscular-development
  Development of the vestibular system
  Motor development on both sides of the body
  Develops a strong and flexible body
  Increases balance, body awareness and coordination
  Improves posture and alignment
  Develops core strength, essential for good posture and correct physical alignment
  Reduces injuries and improves performance
  Improves digestion, circulation and elimination
  Strengthens the immune system
  Relaxes the body, promoting better sleep


  Calms and clears the mind bringing us into the present moment
  Relieves tension and stress
  Increases concentration, focus and attention span
  Promotes thinking and memory
  Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness
  Expands imagination and creativity
  Reduces stress and anxiety
  Improves ability to be less reactive; more mindful of thoughts, words and actions
  Balances energy (high or low)


  Builds confidence and self-esteem
  Supports character development and emotional intelligence
  Enhances team skills and social interaction
  Develops discipline and self-control
  Supports individuality and self-expression
  Encourages social and environmental awareness and responsibility
  Supports a sense of universal connectedness
  Inspires respect for self and others


  Improves mind/body connection
  Encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle
  Promotes an overall sense of well-being

Yoga helps children feel calm and boosts their self-confidence.It enhances their ability to focus, helps them relax and manage themselves better. Yoga helps in developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Yoga in a school setting

Anti-bullying, health and wellness, and character education are common themes in American schools today, all focusing on educating the whole child, mind, body and spirit. Yoga inherently supports this learning.The following are some of the benefits of yoga to support the education of the whole child, thus maximizing the learning process:

  Provides students healthy ways to express and balance their emotions
  Promotes a more relaxed, comfortable state of being - the perfect state for teaching and learning
  Brings students into the present moment – the most basic requirement for learning
  Encourages community and connectedness within the classroom
  Helps to create an atmosphere of confidence, enthusiasm and non-competitiveness where everyone can succeed
  Provides opportunities for beneficial motor breaks throughout the day
  Eases anxiety and tension (such as pre-test or performance jitters)
  Enhances focus, concentration, comprehension and memory
  Provides opportunities for reflection, patience and insight, reducing impulsivity and reactivity
  Supports social and emotional learning
  Improves listening skills
  Wakes up sluggish minds and creativity as needed
  Enhances organizational and communication skills
  Improves posture, assisting students to sit comfortably for long periods
  Enhances motor skills and balance
  Improves mind/body awareness and connection
  Improves confidence and self-esteem
  Encourages respect for oneself and others
  Creates a calm, harmonious classroom

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